Getting out of the ground – Real site story from Freshwater, Sydney

13 May 2019

Screw piles for tight access to building sites

We constantly use the word value. Often the word value is confused with the word cheap. At Ideal Corp we see value as providing the technical knowledge and hands on experience to solve problems for clients. Last week we provided a solution for a site in Freshwater, Sydney with difficult access and site conditions for Daniel and Adam of Southern Cross Homes.

The problem, accessing the site through an existing façade that had to be retained, wet and collapsing soils and to cap off the challenge, a long reach over the excavated pool to install a number of the piers to a depth of 5 metres. Not a big job but one that needed something extra. After site visits from Chris Elliott, our sales exec in the North-East and a bit of a brainstorming session between Chris, Adam and our installation team a plan was devised. The plan consisted of; 1. trimming some brickwork to get through the façade, 2. Adding an extension to gain the required reach and 3. a process of care to ensure damage wasn’t done to the excavated area.

As if this wasn’t enough on a tight site, we had the addition of water running through the site at the bottom of the pool excavation where some of the piers were to be installed.

When implemented on site all the preparation that had been done resulted in a positive outcome for our client and the homeowner that has solved the problem and allowed the builder to move forward with the construction of the home. Preparation, experience, attention to detail and a knack for problem solving.

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