Getting out of the ground – Real site story from Braidwood & Harden NSW

03 Dec 2020


Recently we were engaged to install raised piers for two Health Service projects in Braidwood and Harden for our long term client Modular Building Systems (MBS) in conjunction with Richard Crookes. The weather wasn’t particularly kind to the installation team but they soldiered on installing raised piers with adjustable caps maintaining the MBS schedule. Given the weather this would not have been possible with a concrete slab. MBS then craned their buildings on to the piers with the bearer plates set at the correct height. Some minor adjustments and then on with the build.

With tighter time frames for project completion the modular building market continues to grow throughout Australia. The benefits in controlling quality, cost, safety and build speed have been quickly adopted in a variety of sectors including education, aged care, prison, government, commercial and increasingly family homes. Given that these buildings need to be connected to the ground once transported to site, the use of Idealcorp screw pier foundations meets the tight time frames and cost controls set by this market segment. Both raised pier foundations with tie down systems or screw piers supporting a slab align with the increased speed and efficiency philosophy including reduced cost of spoil removal.

Historic Bond building gets an upgrade – Newcastle NSW

18 Jul 2019

Historic photo from DA submitted to the City of Newcastle Council

Every job requires focus. Even more so for tight sites and then there are very tight sites with little head height with the added precautions of protecting an old historic building. We’ve just completed installing screw piers to strengthen foundations for the old Ireland’s Bond building in Newcastle NSW built in 1884. The façade of the 4-storey building remained includingkey structural beams and columnswith the majority of the internals to be renewed to a modern luxury spec for apartment living. Ideal Foundations had to come up with a solution to install within tight confines of up to 3.0m head height clearance in and around overhead beams. How did we do that?

The original structural design called for 40 tonne (400kN) piles which can only be installed with a very large excavator, which was not possible for the tight spaces of this site. So, Chris Elliott of Ideal Foundations commissioned a structural engineer to redesign pile loads down to a maximum 20 tonne (200kN) per pile and also ensure the piles were able to be located within the existing pile caps to ensure the builder did not have to change any of these on site. Due to the low head height we also had to limit the shaft extensions to a maximum of 1.5m to ensure the reach of the excavator at full stretch plus the pile were well within the limitations of the overhead space.

The photos and video below show how confined this job site was and requiring precision by the operators of the excavator. Well done boys.


On the side of a sand hill – Noosa QLD

10 Jul 2019

Some days we get our bigger toys out, larger excavators, larger screw piles to reach further and screw down deeper. Even though strengthening the side of the hill on this Noosa job site is supporting a residential housing estate above it’s not your typical residential site.

We assisted the Altum Property Group with a residential project built on the side of a sand hill where they will be building luxury houses as part of the Noosa Springs Golf Course Estate. The views are spectacular but the requirements for screw piling took some collaboration between Craig Geddis our Queensland BDM, the builder and the engineer.

Many of the piers installed are a double helix design and are installed up to 6m deep. You can see from the video that we needed a decent reach because of the slope of the hill – it felt steeper being there in person.

Getting out of the ground – Real site story from Freshwater, Sydney

13 May 2019

Screw piles for tight access to building sites

We constantly use the word value. Often the word value is confused with the word cheap. At Ideal Corp we see value as providing the technical knowledge and hands on experience to solve problems for clients. Last week we provided a solution for a site in Freshwater, Sydney with difficult access and site conditions for Daniel and Adam of Southern Cross Homes.

The problem, accessing the site through an existing façade that had to be retained, wet and collapsing soils and to cap off the challenge, a long reach over the excavated pool to install a number of the piers to a depth of 5 metres. Not a big job but one that needed something extra. After site visits from Chris Elliott, our sales exec in the North-East and a bit of a brainstorming session between Chris, Adam and our installation team a plan was devised. The plan consisted of; 1. trimming some brickwork to get through the façade, 2. Adding an extension to gain the required reach and 3. a process of care to ensure damage wasn’t done to the excavated area.

As if this wasn’t enough on a tight site, we had the addition of water running through the site at the bottom of the pool excavation where some of the piers were to be installed.

When implemented on site all the preparation that had been done resulted in a positive outcome for our client and the homeowner that has solved the problem and allowed the builder to move forward with the construction of the home. Preparation, experience, attention to detail and a knack for problem solving.

New Robo-Employee

19 Oct 2018

A Fixed Price For Foundations… Really?

28 Feb 2018

A builder who knows his numbers are fixed!

Foundation work has just started on a set of 33 two storey units in Camden South, South West of Sydney. The builder/developer is also currently completing another project where the Ideal Foundations team installed screw piers for a 22 unit project in Oran Park. The speed in which they got out of the ground on the previous site was one of the defining reasons to do same on the their new 33 unit project plus the added bonus of having their foundation costs fixed.

Like the previous site Ideal Foundations assisted in their redesign away from bored concrete piers to screw piers. This was achieved by conducting a thorough geotechnical report across the site which also enabled Ideal’s engineer’s to determine founding depth and fix the cost of foundations. The geotechnical report also identified acid sulphate soil, which means the screw piers will be core filled with concrete for the required design life.

Here’s what the numbers look like:

  • 33 two storey units
  • 1000 screw piers (approx. 30 per unit)
  • 2 – 3m deep screw piers

All this at a fixed price.

It’s back to school for Ideal Foundations but this time with bigger toys

07 Feb 2018

Last week as mums and dads prepared themselves for the new school year something big was going down at Winston Heights Public School. A team of volunteers converged across the Winston Heights school grounds for the first working bee of 2018. With only 24hrs before the gates opened to allow children and parents to pour in, it started to feel like a home improvement show working against clock before the owners come home for the unveiling. With 10 projects to be done all but one remained at the ring of the bell.
Not bad… 9/10 and the school year hadn’t begun.   

Enda O’Neill, one of Ideal’s leading screw pier installers, was right back in his element from his younger days in landscaping as he cleared the old untouched gardens, dead trees and stumps to create a clean canvas for beautiful new gardens to be planted. The gardens surrounding the seniors’ COLA were no match for Enda and his “Big Toy” excavator as a number of old trees went by the wayside surprising Margaret Creagh, the school principal. If she had one handy, Enda would have certainly received a gold star and a smiley face.

Following the Ideal Foundations excavator was a solid team from Transurban taking away the dead plants and levelling the soil amongst many other projects they completed on the day. An awesome team effort.

No screw pier or foundation work was needed for this project but we wanted to help out the school and save many back breaking days of hard work to give the children a clean canvas and start a new chapter for these gardens.

We look forward to seeing the new gardens growing and we wish all the staff and children at Winston Heights Public School a successful year in 2018.

Oran Park Savings

13 Nov 2017

Laying out helixes for the garage Ideal screw piers

Over the last few years so much work has gone into the development of the Oran Park precinct. Estates and house lots are tighter and with less space on site. Added to the limited space on site is the cost removing soil for house foundations.

Our team at Ideal Foundations recently assisted on a redesign of a 22 unit project in Oran Park for a large builder/developer. Their initial foundation design was to use concrete piers for the foundations but with 500 piers that meant a lot of soil needed to be removed from the site. By changing to Ideal screw piers the builder achieved a major cost saving with the reduction of soil having to be removed from the site. Work continued on site without any disturbance. The Ideal Foundations team installed the 500 piers in 5 days enabling the builder to pour his slabs well in front of his planned program.
A great combined effort.

1200 Steel Soldiers for Transportables

16 Jan 2017

Screw piers with adjustable caps ready to support transportable buildings

Ideal Foundations are half way through installing 1200 above ground screw piers supporting transportable admin buildings. The project is the construction of new admin buildings to support the building of a new Jail in Wellington NSW. The installation of the screw piers to support transportables above will take approximately three months Dec 2016 to Feb 2017. On average the screw piers are screwed down to 3.75m to accomodate the potential movement of the reactive soils on the site.

We’d like to thank Modular Building Systems (MBS) for the opportunity for our screw piers to support their transportable buildings. A project on this scale certainly makes our screw piers protruding from the ground look like soldiers marching – anyway we think so 🙂

It’s also a pleasure to work on a well planned construction – awesome work Hansen & Yunken!

Ideal take screw pier systems to a higher level

12 Dec 2016

Ideal Foundations new plant for higher capacity screw piersNew plant just arrived from the US!

Growing more into the light commercial foundations we wanted to have the same systemised approach as our residential pier. Our engineers have begun an R&D project on a new connection system for our higher capacity screw piers. Part of the new system led us to the good old USA to get the machinery needed. The new swagging system will allow for quicker and easier installation of screw piers similar to our residential piers.

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