Getting out of the ground – Real site story from Braidwood & Harden NSW

03 Dec 2020


Recently we were engaged to install raised piers for two Health Service projects in Braidwood and Harden for our long term client Modular Building Systems (MBS) in conjunction with Richard Crookes. The weather wasn’t particularly kind to the installation team but they soldiered on installing raised piers with adjustable caps maintaining the MBS schedule. Given the weather this would not have been possible with a concrete slab. MBS then craned their buildings on to the piers with the bearer plates set at the correct height. Some minor adjustments and then on with the build.

With tighter time frames for project completion the modular building market continues to grow throughout Australia. The benefits in controlling quality, cost, safety and build speed have been quickly adopted in a variety of sectors including education, aged care, prison, government, commercial and increasingly family homes. Given that these buildings need to be connected to the ground once transported to site, the use of Idealcorp screw pier foundations meets the tight time frames and cost controls set by this market segment. Both raised pier foundations with tie down systems or screw piers supporting a slab align with the increased speed and efficiency philosophy including reduced cost of spoil removal.

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